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BSc (Hons) in Counselling & Psychotherapy 


"I have had the most amazing personal experience during my time in PCI and since. It has given me great confidence and has allowed me to shine in my own right. In tandem, I have grown academically and have expanded my interests in unexpected ways. Overall my PCI experience has given me the ability and the tools to embrace life in whatever form it presents itself to me."
Sorcha McQuaid


"The support I received from the college and my classmates made my learning experience thoroughly enjoyable. As a result my achievements went beyond what I had hoped for… The personal and professional development I experienced as a result of undertaking the diploma have been invaluable. It was an investment in myself and money well spent."
Elaine Sharkey


"Most importantly the academic experience was excellent, the tutors were well prepared, communicated the information well and were very approachable. All this plus sharing the journey with a wonderful group of classmates made for a memorable, positive and rewarding experience."
Phillip Moore


"The quality of the tutors are outstanding! The delivery of the course is second to none; Any questions or support I have asked for from the tutors has been greeted with enthusiasm from the them and appear eager to assist you to become the best therapist you can be."
Suzanne Stewart


"The course gave me a space for self-development and enabled me to understand and put in context my life experiences… The course provided me with challenges but I felt very supported and respected in meeting those challenges."
Mary Hankard


"I enjoyed every moment of my time in class with my colleagues and lecturers. It was a wonderful, life changing experience full of exploration and learning about myself and others. The lecturers were top class - they shared so much of themselves as professionals and nothing was too much bother for them. My colleagues are a phenomenal group of people who I regard as friends. I benefited personally and professionally from my time with PCI."
Sharon Deering


"I thoroughly enjoyed my time with PCI and believe it has provided me with the necessary tools to begin my professional career as a counsellor. Going back to college as a mature student was costly and at times demanding, but it has been worth it. I am very happy with my performance and at the level of support I received whilst a student with PCI. Having come from a different college to PCI in second year, I saw a vast difference in the quality of service an education that PCI offers its students."
Kaylene Petersen


“My experience with PCI College has been a significantly positive journey to date.   I am passionate about the field and work of Counselling and Psychotherapy and PCI has been the perfect vehicle for me to carry my academic and experiential endeavors.  The staff and lecturers have a total dedication to the well being of the students throughout their studies and the training available is of the highest standards available in Ireland.” 
Johanne Kenny


"The Vote from Me is a 10+...After coming from another college system PCI College is  a totally different and healthier experience all round to education... Please don’t ever lose that.... its what PCI College Stands for in my eyes - Integrity of the highest standard..." 
Yvonne McKenna


"Having graduated and started practicing and meeting fellow counsellors, I have become more impressed with the breadth of the training that we received with PCI...Overall I had an excellent experience with PCI and would gladly recommend the college to anyone thinking of training in the area"
Tony Freegrove


"My memory of PCI is that it was one of the best experiences I have had in a learning environment. I am working as a marriage counsellor with Accord Kilkenny and I am now putting into practice what I learnt from your College. Thank you very much."
Mary Curtin


“My experience with PCI was the best decision in my life, I would rate PCI 10. I'm not saying it was easy, especially starting a new career at the age of 50, but I got through with a lot of hard work and dedication.  Liam McCarthy and Josephine Murphy were an inspiration and all the other Tutors I had during the four years.  Since I got my Degree I have been so busy counselling, only last week I was offered another new job, its amazing. Next year I will be 70 and hopefully the work will continue.”
Rita Lett


"...For me PCI College is a 10. What makes it so is the care received from the tutors, they do practice what they preach. They exhibit; empathy, congruence and unconditional positive regard. Having previously availed of counselling training in the North of Ireland, I am sorry to say the atmosphere in PCI College which is so conducive to learning was not present in my previous arena of study. I rate my experience of training with PCI College not only as a 10 but also as one of my most enjoyable experiences of further education. I look forward to each weekend's training with enthusiasm, and I value the knowledge and experience shared by the tutors and the camaraderie of my fellow students." 
Kathleen Doherty


“Hi, I have been with PCI College for four years now doing a degree programme and I have found the experience and standard of the college exceptional at all times. I would rate it as a ten due the professionalism of the college, the clinical experienced tutors and trainers and the services at PCI College. They also are client centered in the way in which they deal with students which stands out from most other colleges”
Joanne Curley 



Certificate in Counselling & Psychotherapy


“Excellent tutors and course-work, made this course very enjoyable. Also, Joyce in PCI was a fabulous & caring person, and is a treasure to PCI Clondalkin. The Student Care Officer Phil Duggan was a great help in keeping students on track with their required hours. I found the college had a lovely approach in dealing with students, and helping them to handle the pressure of completing the high level of college hours, assignments, workshops, client hrs, personal therapy hrs, and supervision hrs required.” 
Jenny Hannigan


“My experience of studying with PCI has been a very positive one indeed.  I loved Butler House as a venue; the tutors were really excellent and the presentations equally so.....I would give the whole experience 9 out of 10.” 
Catherine Rooney



BSc (Hons) in Addiction Counselling


“The course has opened up my mind and my emotions to all aspects of human life both positive and negative. Because of this, I believe I am a much more rounded person and the possibilities are endless. For me the practical application along with the academic understanding really enriches the course and results in a strong and full understanding of the philosophies, theories and practices”
Susan Gorman


“I think the tutors are of an extremely high standard. So far I have received support in every area needed.” 
Donna Jordon


CPD Workshops


“He was brilliant! He explained complex issues in a clear and in-depth way!” Tarrah Browne
“The lecturer was quick, intuitive, sharp and on the ball. Gave me loads of food for thought (and of course process)” 
Patricia Timmins


“Excellent content & Presentation” 
Judy Dowling


Professional Certificate in CBT


“Fast-paced, and stimulating. Very practical.....The course is extremely helpful, I am looking forward to doing more days so that I can really process what I have learned!”
Barbra Reid


“Maintained interest, plenty of extra reading and clearly explained. Questions were answered in an understandable way. It was very well presented. “ 
Mary O’Brien


Professional Certificate in Couples Counselling


“As a result I feel much more confident working with couples...the combination of theory, essay and practice was most beneficial” 
Eileen Fitzpatrick


“I enjoyed sharing experiences with peers and the flexible and supportive approach of the facilitator “ 
Yvonne Lucas


“It was totally practical and I have been using it in my work. I like the way the course was set up with theory, working with clients, the essay and finally pulling it all together at the Integration Day. Thanks Mary for an excellent course. So well constructed and delivered” 
Eileen Cannon



Short Term Courses


 I always enjoy PCI Courses / events / workshops and recommend them to others. Lorraine Whitty

Very good facilitator, very real, applied and approachable 
Siobhan Casey

Enjoyed meeting everybody & hearing their stories, some were very inspiring. Loved getting the chance to spend the day writing. 
Carole Ryan 

Writing from personal experience has raised my confidence to apply thought & knowledge to paper. 
Bernadette Raleagh

It was a beautiful experience, so relaxing & created such awareness of the body Anonymous
“I enjoyed the inner peace gained...I felt my body lighter after” 
Sinead Delaney

“I enjoyed all of the course, Facilitator was amazing. Very Student orientated....Had a very enjoyable time, learnt a great deal about communication and inner self. I would recommend Eilish’s workshops to other students” 
Kathleen Doherty



Tailor-Made Training



“Excellent facilitation. Interesting content. Good mix of theory with practical experience and demonstration was very valuable” 
Institute of Guidance Counsellors, Cork. 

“Feedback from participants of the Professional CBT training held in the Family Life Centre Boyle was extremely positive. It was experienced as valuable in equipping the students with the knowledge and skills of the CBT approach. It was carried out in an atmosphere most conducive to learning. The location, in the Family Life Centre, Boyle, Co. Roscommon, was an added bonus for the people in the North West/Midlands area; who didn’t have the added expense of long travel. Working with PCI College has proved to be a valuable partnership.”
Denise O’Dowd, Boyle Family Life Centre

“It achieved a great balance between knowledge of the topic and making this interesting and close to us. At first we were all worried it would be too academic, but Eoin managed to make it understandable to us with day to day examples. At the same time we felt that he was really an expert in the topic. From a HR perspective we were delighted to get so many people participating in the Q&A after the talk, as this is not the usual way our staff behaves.” 
Patricia Soria, Irish Life.

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