The man I knew as Liam McCarthy

My first day in class....didn’t feel so good

At the top of the room, this gentleman stood

Where I said I couldn’t ...he said I could

The man I knew as Liam


Carl Rogers’ philosophy he brought to life

That everyone has potential to thrive

With his shame-free, potential-filled generous vibe

The man I knew as Liam


Where others saw little...he saw a lot

“You’re going to make it” is what he taught

Brought hope in a way it couldn’t be bought

The man I knew as Liam


He showed that lives can always be turned around

That where nurture and positive regard are found

Broken wings in time will leave the ground

The man I knew as Liam


He believed trials and hardships are only a test

There’s no perfection without a mess

What a beautiful lesson...the very best

From the man I knew as Liam

A “father”, a teacher...a mentor...a friend

Each time we met...something new to be learned

Where straight wouldn’t fit, I was shown how to bend

By the man I knew as Liam


He refused to accept a simple “No”

There was always another way to go

And miracles happened for me, I know

Because of the man I knew as Liam


And in his shadow I am not removed

From the countless others whose lives he’s moved

The core conditions have surely been proved

By the man I knew as Liam


He may never know just what he’s done

To so many lives, but I’ll speak for one...

...the author of this humble poem

My tribute to the man called Liam


Willie Egan, PCI Faculty Lecturer, January 2021.

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