Mission, Vision & Values


Empower our learners to fulfil their potential by delivering robust contemporary training in mental well-being by inspiring the development of emotional and cognitive knowledge and effective practice skills to the benefit of society.


To be a successful and profitable business, providing security to our stakeholders and continuously expanding opportunities and facilities for students, staff and the community.
Be well established as a centre of excellence and innovation in Mental Health & Wellbeing and psychological education and training.
Be committed to, and renowned for, high-quality training provision.
Be involved and influential within both academic and professional sectors and contemporary and responsive to the developing professional climate.
Offer optimum experiences and opportunities in inclusive provision, with a particular focus on the needs of the adult learner and mature learner.
Be an excellent employer, so that staff will be well supported, empowered, valued, and respected, with clear and positive expectations of involvement, contribution, and achievement.


The values of the institution are expressed as follows;
Wisdom: Creating a deeper understanding of knowledge and expertise in the field of mental wellbeing
Responsibility: Being committed to developing and creating sustainable wellbeing
Integrity: To know and have the courage to be leaders in the field (do what is right)

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