Martin Kitterick Award

BSc (Hons) Counselling & Psychotherapy


The Award is given annually to the PCI College final year student who produces the most relevant, thoroughly researched and engaging thesis, of outstanding academic quality.

The Martin Kitterick award is offered by the college in honour of the late Martin Kitterick, PCI College Director. It is an inaugural award presented to a 4th year BSc (Hons) Counselling and Psychotherapy student, whose final year thesis is deemed to be of high quality, based on a topic relevant to today’s society and that adds something to the field of counselling and psychotherapy. The work must be highly literate and deemed fit for wider dissemination and publication.


Martin kitterick award

Inaugural Martin Kitterick Award

For outstanding academic quality in final year thesis


2023 Winner

Congratulations to Rebecca Bourke, Winner of the 2023 Martin Kitterick Award! 

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pat kitterick presenting award


The Review Panel

The review panel consists of the Programme Leader for the BSc (Hons), Year 4 Head, one member of the TLA (appointed by the TLA), additional faculty if necessary (appointed by the TLA).



All students who receive a First Class Honour award for the Year 4 thesis are eligible for the Martin Kitterick Award. All First Class Honour thesis students are evenly distributed amongst the review panel by the Programmes Office.

Each panel member shortlists 1 thesis for final review. Panel members are looking for theses that demonstrate that the criteria necessary to receive the Martin Kitterick Award have been met. No more than 5 theses should reach the final review stage. 

All panel members review all theses that have been put forward to the final review stage. Panel members use the criteria to inform their decision regarding the winner of the Martin Kitterick Award. A consensus within the review panel must be reached.

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