Karen O'Neill

Academic Administrator

Karen is the Academic Administrator in PCI College since February 2022. She supports the academic department by driving Quality Assurance best practices through regular audit and review of policies and procedures in addition to daily administrative support. She works closely with the Academic Director and Head of Counselling and Psychotherapy supporting the administrative process on projects such as Programme Design, Validation, Revalidation and Review, and Accreditation. Karen also works with Student Services, Programmes Office, Marketing and Faculty on processes like Programme Interruption, Student Representative Program, Documentation, Project Tracking, Module Reviews and more.


Karen obtained a BA (HONS) in Media Production Management (BCFE/DCU), Diploma in Early Childhood Education, and has completed 2 years so far of a BA in Humanities – Psychology Major. She recently received a Professional Certificate in Project Management from Google.


Karen is obsessed with film, loves pottery, and music. 

Course Venues:   Athlone   |   Belfast   |   Carrick-on-Shannon   |   Cork   |   Dublin   |   Kilkenny   |   Limerick