Carolina Cirillo

Director of Marketing & Business Development

BA in Business Management

PG Degree in Marketing Strategy

MSc Digital Marketing Strategy from Trinity College.


As the Head of Marketing & Student Recruitment, Carol assumes a pivotal role in orchestrating a comprehensive array of responsibilities. This encompasses overseeing marketing initiatives, both traditional and digital, as well as driving business development efforts. Furthermore, Carol adeptly manages all aspects of public relations endeavors. A crucial facet of her role involves guiding student enquiries, facilitating course applications, and cultivating continuous professional development, alongside personal development growth planning.

Carol's responsibilities extend to the meticulous organisation of the National Counselling & Psychotherapy Conference, alongside the supervision of bespoke training opportunities. Collaborating closely with College Directories, Carol diligently crafts and implements optimal business strategies, while also directing effective marketing and sales tactics. She is instrumental in refining operational processes and procedures to ensure an exemplary student experience. It's worth noting that Carol's proficiency extends to her role as a Data Protection Officer, spearheading GDPR-related concerns.


Educationally, Carol holds a Bachelor's degree in Business Management, a Postgraduate degree in Marketing Strategy, and an MSc degree in Digital Marketing Strategy from Trinity College. Her career has been dedicated to leveraging her personal and professional acumen to elevate companies in their respective fields, steering them toward success. This commitment echoes her aspiration to consistently deliver unparalleled customer service to PCI students, all the while fostering mental health awareness and disseminating counseling & psychotherapy updates to both the community and its student body.


Beyond her professional sphere, Carol is deeply dedicated to spending cherished moments with her family, friends, and her loyal canine companion, Thor. During her leisure hours, she indulges in reading, culinary pursuits, and immersing herself in the realm of movies and TV series. Carol's preferred genres encompass Comedy, Psychological Thriller, Mystery, Crime, and Fantasy. 


Course Venues:   Athlone   |   Belfast   |   Carrick-on-Shannon   |   Cork   |   Dublin   |   Kilkenny   |   Limerick