What words could encapsulate my experience of being a student under the guidance of Josephine Murphy?

When I decided on the path to becoming a Counsellor, I choose PCI Institute, as it was known back then, where I had the privilege to train under the guidance of Josephine. 


Starting as a trainee counsellor, I questioned my ability to implement all the material that I had consumed through academic learning when confronted by the challenging reality of practical application My apprehension quickly dissipated as I realised that Josephine as my tutor, modelled the very essence of an efficient and capable therapist. Josephine instilled training of the highest standards that ensured that I achieved a qualification in Counselling. She not only taught us, students, the theoretical approaches required, she also ensured we integrated the personal development elements into our practice so as to evolve our ability as therapists. It was during the period of my own training when PCI Institute transitioned to PCI College and we witnessed Josephine play an instrumental role in the successful repositioning. Her dedication and ambition progressed a PCI qualification in counselling to a degree level that was validated by Middlesex University. Throughout this transition period, Josephine kept and open dialogue with students, informing us of the progress and process involved. 


During my training, she constantly demonstrated a deep understanding of all aspects of our course material and was committed to sharing that knowledge with her students... She inspired and encouraged me and my fellow students to be ethical and professional and fully committed to our training.  While undertaking my training she was the guiding light that helped me and so many students navigate the sometimes complex journey to gain our qualification in counselling. Since PCI, I have gone on to have an extremely rewarding vocation as a Counsellor for the last twenty years, and I frequently reflect on my time under her stewardship. I marvel once more at her capabilities to foster in us students a curiosity to learn. Josephine`s lecturing style was to impart her experience, wisdom and philosophy, to ensure we would not only gain the training in theory but would be effective clinicians.  Josephine was committed to ensuring that PCI was recognised for its commitment to developing clinicians and therapists who would have a positive impact on society and were equipped with the skills to expertly apply in practice. She helped us achieve this by her continued encouragement to all of the trainee students, guiding us to work and be worthy recipients of our qualification from PCI.


Josephine, I hold you in the highest esteem and once more I salute your professionalism and dedication to the field of counselling and psychotherapy. I will be forever grateful to you for helping me complete the training that enabled me to have a  fulfilling career in Counselling and Psychotherapy.


IACP Award-Winning PCI College lecturer, Noeleen Murphy on Josephine Murphy - 30th Anniversary of PCI College 

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