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In a profession that works with vulnerable people on a daily basis it is essential that two standards of professional qualification are achieved:


1. Academic standard, for example, a University validated award

2. Professional standard, for example, professional accreditation


Accreditation encompasses both of these standards and ensures that the counsellor/ psychotherapist has been trained to an acceptable level and qualification and also that they are working within an agreed standard of professional competence, which includes practicing within an agreed ethical framework and code of practice.


The IACP is the largest accrediting body for counselling and psychotherapy in Ireland with over 4,500 members nationwide. Accreditation with the IACP guarantees formal recognition of qualifications and professional experience. This ensures that the public, who are availing of counselling and psychotherapy services, can be assured that they are accessing a qualified professional. This creates reassurance, safety and reliability for those seeking out counselling and psychotherapy. IACP accreditation is an automatic safeguard for the public in their search for a suitable counsellor/psychotherapist. IACP accreditation is also a safeguard for qualified professionals, as accreditation automatically connects to a network of colleagues and sets safe standards and ethical guidelines within which we should practice. In addition, IACP accreditation provides a direct pathway for client referrals via their telephone referral service and their online directory listing.


Many members of the IACP also have the opportunity to directly influence the profession by becoming members of committees, working groups that draft policy and the Executive Board of Management, all of which consist of active IACP members.

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