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Postgraduate Certificate in Psychology

Postgraduate Certificate in Psychology

Providing cutting-edge psychology education for aspiring H.Dip students and graduates with a general interest in psychology.

  • full and comprehensive introduction - develop a broad knowledge base in psychology
  • balance between theoretical and applied issues
  • designed, taught and assessed to NFQ Level 8 standard
  • small class sizes to foster, encourage and sustain discussion-orientated assessments. 

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Psychological Principles & Theories Applied to Real World Situations
The course theory is grounded by experiments, case studies and practical application. 

This programme will appeal to any graduate with an interest in psychology. It will also act as a bridging gap to those who want to continue on to the competitive Higher Diploma in Psychology courses available in Irish Universities such as UCD, Trinity and UCC.  Our Head of Psychology, Dr. Derek Dorris has designed a course to Level 8 standard which teaches a contemporary theoretical and applied approach to Psychology. Where possible, conceptual and practical links will be established between our psychology content and content typical to non-psychology subjects so that students will be allowed to build on what they already know rather than beginning from scratch. In addition to these broader goals, our most important concern when providing third level education in psychology is with offering a cutting edge programme that captures and imparts a modern understanding of psychology.

We aim to provide a series of modules which individually reflect the natural relationship between theory and practice and when taken together give one a comprehensive sense of how the core areas of psychology work together.  If students are not concerned with developing as broad a knowledge base as the entire certificate course provides, they are free to complete any of the modules individually. On their own, the modules will give students a fairly rounded understanding of psychology; however, taken together they will give students a full and comprehensive introduction to psychology that will allow for immediate adaptation to the first year in a Higher Diploma course.  

Our programme provides students with an education in psychology that strikes a healthy balance between theoretical and applied issues. One that gives the students a realistic notion of how the mind works in the real world, and more generally one that is defined by our commitment to excellence.
Venue:  PCI College, College House, Townsend Street, Dublin 2
Next Start Date Full Course: October 2017.
Every Monday & Wednesday 6.30pm - 9.30pm
PSY 101: Introduction to Psychology: A Unified Perspective - October 2017
PSY 102: Biological & Neuropsychology - November 2017
PSY 103: Cognitive & Sport Psychology - January 2018
PSY 104: Social & Criminal Psychology - February 2018
PSY 105: Personality & Abnormal Psychology - March 2018
PSY 106: Health & Wellbeing Psychology - April 2018
Modules can be taken individually where upon completion, a Certificate of Attendance will be awarded. The Postgraduate Certificate in Psychology will only be awarded when all six modules are completed and all assessments passed.
Duration: One Year, part-time. (October - May)
Assessment:  Each course module (24 hours) is assessed separately by:
  • Written Examination
  • Continuous Assessment
  • Tutorial Performance 
  • Group Presentation

Award: PCI College Postgraduate Certificate in Psychology

Read profiles of some Course Graduates here: Áine Ní Ghráda and Sarah Glynn who used Postgraduate Certificate as a stepping stone to a Higher Diploma in Psychology and Brian Ó Murchú, for whom the course has also sparked an interest for further psychology study.

Dr. Derek Dorris

(B.A.), masters (M.Litt.), and PhD in Psychology
Head of Psychology

Dr. Derek Dorris is one of Ireland's leading cognitive scientists who previous to coming to PCI College held the position of College Lecturer in University College Cork for five years. Dr. Dorris is a graduate of University College Dublin where he obtained a degree (B.A.), Masters (M.Litt.), and PhD in Psychology. He has published in top ranked international peer-reviewed journals and in 2007 he was awarded the prestigious IRCHSS Postdoctoral Fellowship. His background is in cognitive psychology with specific interests in self-regulation, motor cognition, and sport psychology.

Read Dr. Dorris' Article on the Course



“Why do children go through a “me” phase?”

“How do children learn right from wrong?”
“How can 3 pounds of brain matter produce thought, emotion, memory, and consciousness?”
“Why can’t I stop worrying about minor problems?”

“Why did I miss that 2 foot putt?”
“Why is eyewitness misidentification the greatest cause of wrongful convictions?”.... playing a role in nearly 75% of convictions overturned through DNA testing?

"Does Criminal Profiling really work?"
“Is intelligence real?”

“How do we treat psychosis?”
“Why can’t I maintain a healthy lifestyle?”
“Why can’t I stop thinking about having a cigarette?”

What our Students Say

"Mix of experiential & practical theory, the pace was good and Mike was very engaging and informative. I found it fascinating and it gave me a good platform for working with dreams personally and in practice."
Karen O'Leary-Using Dreams in Private Practice

What our Students Say

This was the best workshop I have attended, keep up the good work.
Life Writing Workshop attendee
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