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Self Care with Somatic Movement (Level 1)

Learn to use the greatest and most complex technology available - your brain. Train your brain to change your body.


Somatic Movement - theory, practice, recognising and releasing neuromuscular tension from the muscles in the stomach and back and waist. Focused Breathing. Self Sensing. 

Learn to use the greatest most complex technology available - Your Brain. Train your brain to change your body - Move less, experience more with a simple somatic education mind /body programme. 

This is a series of movements which will systematically help release physical and emotional trauma from the body, creating new body awareness that improves your breathing and walking, offering relief from chronic muscle tension or pain, reduce work-related physical stress, eliminate pain or other dysfunction resulting from trauma, injury or an accident and avoid or reverse stiffness, pain and many other problems associated with aging.

“Somatics” is the Greek word for the living body. Our sensory-motor systems continually respond to daily stresses and traumas with specific muscular reflexes – triggering unconscious innate responses such as fight/ flight – freeze, inherent in all human beings. Somatics actively develops new neural pathways by engaging the nervous system consciously interacting with these unconscious habitual patterns.

Profound reorganisation of the body’s structure occurs when we can focus our attention and awareness on what we are experiencing rather than what we think about the experience. Participants learn to tune into sensory awareness of what is presently occurring in their living body, enhancing a unique and intimate relationship with in their internal / external environment. 

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Venue:  TBC


Next Start Date: TBC

Time: 10am-5pm

Fees: €160 (€140 for PCI College Student & Graduates) 

No professional experience necessary for our Short Term courses, they are for anyone to enjoy. We hope you enjoy the experience.

Caroline Pedley

BSc. (Hons) Couns./Psych., Prof. Cert. in CBT, CSME, MIACP.


Caroline is a graduate of PCI College, and lectures part-time. She has trained in Ireland and India, and teaches functional integration through body awareness and Somatic Movement. Her particular interest is in pain management, blending a mixture of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and somatic movement to address both psychological factors such as anxiety and depression and the body’s complex physiological response to stress and pain. Caroline is a professionally trained Integrative CBT Therapist, and practices in Blanchardstown, Maynooth and Celbridge, as well as at CBT Solutions. She has worked for several years with “HomeStart”, a charity for underprivileged families in Blanchardstown.

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What our Students Say

"It was a Beautiful experience, so relaxing & created such awareness of the body."
Somatic Movement Attendee

What our Students Say

“I enjoyed the inner peace gained...I felt my body lighter after”
Sinead Delaney - Somatic Movement Workshop
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