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Oct 2014 by PCI College

Kilkenny Public Lecture - Thursday 20th November

Willie Egan MIACP outlines what he will discuss in his public lecture in Kilkenny "Making Sense of Everyday Life - Through the Lens of Counselling Theorists"

It was once wisely observed that it is the “squeaking hinge” that gets the oil. As we make our busy way through everyday life, always having to give our full attention to crucial matters such as work stress, financial stress, family stress, relationship issues, social pressure etc... we may find ourselves a bit like the hamster on the wheel.....just peddling furiously with little time to wonder why we’re doing it;  what is the purpose of the wheel;  what keeps us doing it;  is there perhaps a different way to keep the wheel turning;  is there in fact something more productive we could be doing if we didn’t have the wheel to attend to;  what does self-care mean even if I had the time to practice it....and what in the name of God (assuming there is one!) is the wheel of daily life all about anyhow?

Our lives can something be a mirror image of our local Fire Station....waiting for the next call-out, the next fire. As each fire is extinguished (with varying degrees of success), our focus is immediately diverted the next “fire”, leaving us little time to organise a more pro-active life-style, to plan our lives or in fact to control our lives...we become amateur Fire-fighters! Have we ever had time or the willingness to reflect on all of this?

Well, here’s your chance...at least to hear an introduction to such a healthy self-care exercise...through the lens of counselling theorists.

Most of life’s everyday issue centre on Grief, Anxiety, Stress, Choices, Conflict and Pressure.

Our lively discussion in Kilkenny’s charming Butler House will not be an advice-giving or life-coaching exercise on these subjects....but rather creates awareness of these issue using theories which will be presented in a pragmatic and useful way, helping to create awareness as to why our daily lives over time become the victims of such issues....and looks at the “internal” journey these issues take us on.

And we all know: Knowledge is Power!

An example of such a theory would be encapsulated in the narrative of the many well-meaning people who attend my office regularly seeking guidance on Anger Management; they listen very attentively to the programme, completely understand and endorse it as a model for healthy emotional management....but alas, when presented with a familiar anger “trigger” the following day, do they remember and faithfully carry out all that had been agreed?

We can apply similar results to people who make all sorts of promises to themselves and others.... such as New Years’ Resolutions (“I will take more timeout for myself”), Lenten sacrifices, (“I’m giving up the drink!”) and relationship vows (“I am going to be much more attentive and present to my partner in future”). Again “the road to Hell is often paved with good intentions”

Why is this?

From a psychological perspective, we can for expediency purposes, divide our brain into 2 parts: Primitive and Rational....each with a mind of its own.
As the word suggests, our Primitive Brain acts like a primal instinct. Different counselling theorists refer to it as the “Unconscious”, the “Shadow”, the “Irrational”, “Fight or Flight Syndrome” etc....but all agree that the  Primitive Brain rarely acts in our best long-term interest....in other words, it doesn’t think!

Cue our Rational Brain; this is the thinking piece, the reasoning piece, the logical piece, the “long-term” view piece, the “thinker-outside-the-box” piece, the educated piece.
Sadly, the Primitive Brain is, in the spur of the moment, much more likely to influence and dominate our Rational Brain, leading to choices and behaviours in that moment which often have negative and disastrous consequences.

This is just one of the many counselling theories which will be examined in this interactive discussion. Other theories explored and “broken down” to make sense of our daily lives will include Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Choice Theory/Reality Therapy and Conditional Love.

We at PCI College look forward to you joining us. Book your place here.

Willie Egan MIACP
PCI College Faculty Lecturer

What our Students Say

"Mix of experiential & practical theory, the pace was good and Mike was very engaging and informative. I found it fascinating and it gave me a good platform for working with dreams personally and in practice."
Karen O'Leary-Using Dreams in Private Practice

What our Students Say

“I am really enjoying the Distance Learning Certificate. I can study at home, when it suits me and I am learning so much about counselling. It is a great way for me to start my studies in this area. The material is easy to access and the support from the lecturers is a great help. I’m looking forward to the weekend workshops too, to put all the theory into practice”
M Derwin. Distance Learning Certificate in Counselling & Psychotherapy 2013-2014
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