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Jul 2016 by PCI College

Schema Therapy Association of Ireland (STAI) Celebrates 1st anniversary

PCI College are delighted to congratulate the Schema Therapy Association of Ireland (STAI) who recently celebrated the 1st anniversary of their formation.

The association was established in late 2014, following the International Society of Schema Therapy (ISST) conference in Istanbul, when ISST members from the island of Ireland came together to establish STAI. 


According to the STAI Secretary Jean Notaro, “There is a growing awareness of schema therapy (ST) throughout Ireland and, with the society's launch, the group hopes to serve as a valuable resource by making information about schema therapy more accessible and available to the general public as well as to other professionals.   Although still in its early days, we also plan to establish schema therapy training programs throughout Ireland in the not too distant future.  Our aim is to attract leading figures in ST to deliver training and supervision here in Ireland and to stimulate research in Ireland, especially outcome studies”.


Schema Therapy (ST), developed by Jeffrey Young, Ph.D., in the USA in the early 1990s, is an integrative therapy for longer-term problems that explores the childhood origins of psychological problems. ST utilizes cognitive, behavioural, emotional and experiential techniques and emphasizes the role of the therapeutic relationship in facilitating change. Research has shown ST's effectiveness in working with personality disorders and other complex, chronic psychological problems (See www.schematherapy.comand www.schematherapysociety.org/ for more information).



Pictured above are PCI College lecturers Eilish McGuinness (Committee) and Jean Notaro (Secretary), both Certified Advanced Level Schema Therapists, with their colleagues from the Schema Therapy Association of Ireland.  


For more information on the Schema Therapy Association of Ireland, visit www.schemaireland.com or email: staireland@gmail.com


We are delighted to have both Jean Notaro and Eilish McGuinness as facilitators for the first Introduction to Schema Therapy workshop at PCI College this month. The two-day workshop, combining both theory and basic skills of Schema Therapy will take place on the 22nd and 23rd of July at PCI College, Dublin City Centre. The course is now fully booked but we do have a Waiting List for any places that become vacant, and we do plan to run the course again in the future.


What our Students Say

"I learned a good deal about myself in this module and found it a very positive experience"
Certificate Student 2013, Dublin West

What our Students Say

"Balance of theory, practice and joint integration along with a sense of humor. Mike opened up a whole new approach in professional and personal work."
Mona Fortune- Using Dreams in Private Practice workshop
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